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Why Hire A Certified Designer?

Everyone enjoys talking about a new home or addition they’re planning, and most people have definite ideas about what they like. But there’s much more to designing a living environment than arranging rooms and drafting construction documents. A Certified Professional Building Designer has displayed to a panel of examiners their ability to visualize space – form, scale, and balance, but also structural design, building code requirements and building science.

Ask Five Questions

As you sit back and consider the scope of your building project, you realize a flood of questions. A professional certified in residential and light commercial design has training to take you through this maze. From planning and design, through construction, to eventual occupancy, a Certified Professional Building Designer can help your dreams become a reality in ways you never thought possible.

No two construction projects are wholly alike. The same is true for building designers. So how do you determine which building designer is right for your project? Ask these five questions:

  1. Do you have more than six years of building design experience and education?
  2. Do you follow performance standards set forth by the building design industry?
  3. Is your primary source of income from building design?
  4. Do you get more than eight hours of continued competence learning each year?
  5. Are you a Certified Professional Building Designer?

The NCBDC professional certification mark is your assurance that a dedicated professional is working to satisfy your needs, protect your investment, and increase the resale value of your property.

Experience the Value

At NCBDC, we take grievances regarding the conduct of our certificate holders very seriously. Note, however, that we can only accept complaints or issues with building designers who are currently certified by NCBDC. Additionally, we may not render any opinions of legal matters or financial disputes. We handle all complaints we receive according to the Resolution Policy. If you have any questions about filing a complaint form or determining if an individual is certified, please contact us at 888-726-5659 or write info@NCBDC.com.

Download the Resolution Form.