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Why Be Certified?

NCBDC Promo Seal-smAs a building design professional, you know that credentialing and experience are the keys to your success. You have the experience. To advance your business, you need tangible proof of your qualifications. The Certified Professional Building Designer® designation is a solution.

For decades, the American Institute of Building Design has been helping building design professionals further their careers by providing impartial third-party testing and accreditation through its state societies. In 1991, the National Council of Building Designer Certification was established by AIBD to serve as a single global source of credentialing for all building design professionals wishing to do business in the United States.

Certification Makes a Difference

  • To clients whose projects are designed and overseen by Certified Professional Building Designers;
  • To employers who seek to staff their firms with qualified and experienced design technicians; and
  • To the individual professional who attains certification.

The achievement of the CPBD designation represents the initiative to excel beyond the minimum requirements and distinguishes the Certified Professional Building Designer’s outstanding skills, knowledge and professional expertise needed for completion of the CPBD Exam.

Consumers Value Certification

For the consumer, hiring a Certified Professional Building Designer provides peace-of-mind. Each of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia establishes their architectural laws and regulations. Nearly every state has a statutory exemption allowing unlicensed design professionals to direct the design and construction of specific buildings of various sizes and heights; without having any prior qualifications, skills or knowledge. By hiring a Certified Professional Building Designer, builders, developers, building managers and homeowners can rest assured they’ve hired a trained specialist in home design.

Building Designers Grow Through Certification

Certification can offer personal and professional rewards to the individual who attains it. Certified Professional Building Designers say certification validates specialty knowledge, enhances professional credibility, increases marketability and contributes to feelings of personal accomplishment.

The Industry Benefits from Certification

As an internationally recognized professional association, the AIBD distinguishes professionalism and proficiency among building designers by granting the Certified Professional Building Designer, or CPBD, designation. Available to all currently practicing building designers, the CPBD program evaluates educational and technical competencies of dedicated individuals in a wide range of subjects including:

  • Architectural History,
  • Building Structure,
  • Business Management,
  • Building Codes,
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing,
  • Building Systems and Materials,
  • Specifications, and
  • Design