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Officers and Examiners

The Board of Examiners is the governing body of the American Institute of Building Design’s professional certification examination programs. The Board consists of three officers (president, vice president and secretary/treasurer) and a minimum of six to a maximum of fifteen supporting examiners. The examiners are appointed annually for a term of one-year. All examiners must be certified by the Council for at least one year and in good standing to serve.

The Board of Examiners meets the first Monday of each month.

Board of Examiners responsibilities: www.CPBD.info/boardresponsibilities.pdf

 Apply for an open Board position: www.CPBD.info/boardform.pdf


Alan Abrams, AIBD, CPBD
Silver Spring, Maryland
Certified since: 1997
Certification no.: 09-101

Vice President:

Richard Emigh, AIBD, CPBD
Capitola, California
Certified since: 2012
Certification no.: #05-634

Secretary / Treasurer:

John Police, AIBD, CPBD
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Certified since: 1999
Certification no.: 15-104

Immediate Past President:

John Fought, AIBD, CPBD
Clearwater, Florida
Certified since: 1995
Certification no.: 10-183


Lyle Breeze, FAIBD, CPBD
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Certified since: 1986
Certification no.: 10-112

Jacquilla Gillette, AIBD, CPBD
Seymour, Tennessee
Certified since: 2008
Certification no.: 43-705

Janet Hobbs, AIBD, CPBD
Bee Cave, Texas
Certified since: 2002
Certification no.: 44-463

Robert Juengert, AIA, AIBD, NCBDC, FISP
Walnut Creek, California
Certified since: 2005
Certification no.: 05-626

Stewart Lade, CPBD, MBA
Washington D.C.
Certified since: 2012
Certification no.: 07-108

Kimberly Mockert, AIBD, CPBD
Spring Branch, Texas
Certified since: 2010
Certification no.: 44-514


Don Peterson, AIBD, CPBD
Colleyville, Texas
Certified since: 1988
Certification no.: 44-404

Thomas Schmelter, AIBD, CPBD
Windsor, Connecticut
Certified since: 1994
Certification no.: 07-102

Norman, Oklahoma
Certified since: 2001
Certification no.: 37-134


Examiner Emeritus:

Bill Hefner, FAIBD, CPBD (1935-2006)
Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Certified since: 1982
Certification no.: 37-104